Notes: Creating a site structure for the future

Can you tell that I’m beat by now? The notes don’t do this speech justice at all, either. Lisa was solidly covering best practices for structuring your site, good useful information. And the notes? Pathetic. Tell you what—do yourself a favor, and check out Lisa’s notes instead. … And that’s the last of my notes. […]

Notes: Running a Successful Business with the Add-On Model

By this time, I was starting to run on fumes. I was curious about this talk, but I probably should have just chilled out instead. If you’re working on a business around a plugin for WordPress, James Laws has a lot of great experience with that, having co-founded WP Ninjas a ways back. My favorite […]

Notes: What I Learned About WordPress Development by Interviewing 15 of the Best WordPress Developers

This guy is fairly shady, I don’t mind telling you from the start. He claims 13 = 15 through a bit of programming shenanigans, and I won’t stand for it. Beyond that, Fred’s talk was truly wonderful inspiration for WordPress developers, and another presentation that took me to two pages.

Notes: Quirky Client Communication and How to Fix It

Larry Kokoszka’s talk on working with clients was one of my favorites, chock-full of concrete tips and motivation to improve client communication. His introduction framed client interactions as something like speaking a foreign language—while a designer or developer swims in this stuff every day, a client doesn’t. And they aren’t used to, quite simply, the […]