Notes: DevOps, or how I learned to stop worrying about the servers and love the git

This was a great talk, but my slides don’t show it. It was encouraging me to experiment further. Launching and deploying significant changes to websites always strikes a little fear in my heart; Justin offered some great resources. NOTE: I was planning to review the slide deck afterwards, but I can’t find it anywhere! If […]

Notes: How I learned about WordPress security

Keya Lea Horiuchi clearly recognized that she had little time to get something across, so she went for the jugular with a demonstration showing how easy it was to grab password traffic on an open wifi network. There were other tips, but I came away with a more concrete understanding of the significance of HTTPS.

Notes: Learn Something Useful Every Day

Putting this these blog posts together has forced me to start dealing with a number of issues I have with my site, and I’ve ended up learning a couple new things. But Brian wasn’t really talking about digital things. He was talking about other things. For him, woodworking is important. I feel the same way […]