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Excluding a directory from WordPress

I’m working on a site, and we have been storing archive copies of our newsletter on our site like this: The site itself has been a homegrown PHP solution which I’m finally, after years, converting to WordPress. One challenge is this folder structure. I don’t really want to mess with it. But I need […]

Reorganize your WordPress files to make your life easier

I really enjoyed my second Denver WordCamp this weekend—it was great to run into faces familiar and new, and learn all kinds of useful information, hear great advice, and more. Might write more up, but a friend pinged me this morning following up on a question, and I thought it would be useful to post. […]

Pay attention.

It’s been a long week. This morning, Erika filled the sink with soapy water to soak the dishes. She did this because our brand-new dishwasher is sitting, disconnected, in our living room. Yesterday The dishwasher installers were supposed to come between 11 and 3. I called the Home Depot to ask where they were. They […]