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A SASS Mixin to accommodate @font-face fallbacks

I’m a fan of webfonts, like just about every designer and developer out there. I actually am more of a fan, though—I consider them essential on mobile experiences as well. Figure out a way to reduce your bandwidth and include a custom font. Makes all the difference. Assuming you can use it well. In the […]

Can I use type in an image?

Mary Iannotti gave a good overview of the seemingly simple task of putting images on your website this week at the Boulder WordPress Meetup. It can be hard for someone who hasn’t gotten used to it, to understand the relationships between image dimensions, file size, web page loading speed, and so on. It can also […]

Notes: Creating a site structure for the future

Can you tell that I’m beat by now? The notes don’t do this speech justice at all, either. Lisa was solidly covering best practices for structuring your site, good useful information. And the notes? Pathetic. Tell you what—do yourself a favor, and check out Lisa’s notes instead. … And that’s the last of my notes. […]