Release 3.0

My god, I hope I don't take this long again.

It has rough edges, but it was time to get this site out into the open and let it breathe.

I started exploring how to re-do the old site in May, 2007. Wait, as I check file creation dates, it looks like I first created some sort of comp in October 2006! Ideas were kicking around, but I wasn't making any headway. And when my 20-Year High School Reunion was popping up in August '08, I just didn't want to show my old site, so I whipped out a very basic "interim" site showing a few portfolio pieces, which I figured would be there for a couple of months, and I'd get my shit together.

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.

—John Lennon

Well, it took a little longer than that.

And at the end, am I happy? Well, SORTA. No, not really. I want to re-work already. At least I hope that the framework will allow changes on the fly a lot more, you know, like a website.

Anyways, there we have it.

More to come soon, I hope :)

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