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Convert Post Metadata into Tags (Terms)

There are times when you need to re-organize how your WordPress post data is saved. In my case, I recently wanted to change some metadata into an actual term relationship for a number of posts. This snippet took all of my `vendor` posts, which had post metadata `vendor_markets` and `vendor_category`, and properly categorized them. Now, […]

Excluding a directory from WordPress

I’m working on a site, and we have been storing archive copies of our newsletter on our site like this: http://example.com/newsletter/2015-05/ The site itself has been a homegrown PHP solution which I’m finally, after years, converting to WordPress. One challenge is this folder structure. I don’t really want to mess with it. But I need […]

Form Madness, or How I learned to love the Google Toolbar Autofill

Taming the yellow input fields for Internet Explorer, AND Firefox, with jQuery

Firefox 2, Mac, and Calibri don’t mix.

Use caution when specifying Calibri as a primary font-face on the web. Some readers might miss your point entirely. Or a good half of it, anyways.

Allowing wide images in flexible-width layouts

Want wide images in your flexible layout? Don’t feel like marking up empty paragraphs with background images? Plug in this little piece of jQuery code, and you’re ready to go.